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Yahoo wars, Legend coder cracks Search engine optimization

The way to get ranking on the internet using as little work as you can Its it worth the last 6 years of my life to be able to sit here in front of my computer and make money as i please, that's my question to myself everyday you see i have been selling other peoples products online for over 7 years and im here today to share my most successful discovery's since i have started my way to give back a bit of love to the world for the great lifestyle i have had so i hope you enjoy Internet marketing is about keywords and content that's basically the whole shebang in one, sure it gets insane sometimes with numbers and rankings, which come and go like the wind if you don't know what you are doing and to always be at the mercy of the big G well its not the greatest feeling in the world knowing a site making $20,000 a month could be making nothing tomorrow if google does their little dance and changes the algorithm of the search engines overnight as they do each 3 or 4 months.

How to locate a good search engine presence

And so what exactly causes a internet site position nicely on a search engines and is it all about your web sites search engines success ? A fast response to these two questions would be outstanding posts as well as plently of it and simply no its not all about ranking ones web page on the search engines. The actual key to fast sucess realistically is writing subject material which results in being widely used on 1 or countless other web sites, I call these gold links and now with the release of the long anticipated the gold-rush is on.

The technique i use is create written content plenty of it and also after that distribute that information all over the planet as far as i can for every weeks time or month, and i can reach people a great deal more effectivly with Tons of websites instead of just a single site, so in many cases I may well finish up utilizing the very first page of results in the search engine, so I just simply put up my personal reports or some other content just on some other peoples websites around the world. When anyone is genuinely engaged in what you have got to mention they will look in the author box and also they will visit your website to find out more. So with One short article on one website i have a single chance , but if i have one article spread all over the different mass media sites on the web ;) the probabilities are a great deal more effective. The only headache has been its such a drag signing in and adding and also making accounts etc etc over and over again... and thats why only the stayers generate fantastic revenue carrying out this strategy because you really do need about 300 -500 articles or blog posts out there before you actually are generating any real money. But the added bonus is googd articles never dies and that's exactly where people miss the boat, i currently have posts i uploaded several years back still sending me 2 or $3 each day , so those posts over 5 years have made me between $3000 & $4000 each for 30 mintues of work. |
Dependability pays
So who's successful online and are their many options for the normal Jo blogs to start up and see money from the internet in the near future Well the answer is definitely yes i can and im already pouring my heart out here with this article so i can share the absolute cream of what i have spent over $200,000 learning and many many many hours researching in the last 6-7 years , so weather you like my writing style or not if you read this article all the way thru you will be so far ahead of the crowd that people will be begging you to reveal how you are achieving your finacial results. Remember i mentioned about a guy who will make over $100k this month do you want to know how ? Well hes taken the webmaster world by suprise and hes selling a tool that markets websites or products online like noone has ever even imagined posible, hes taken web 2.0 sites article sites and social book marking , mixed it with rss and video mass publishing aross the web from just one video and made it all automatic, meaning after your set it you can forget it, and you know your content is not only being published but is building backlinks to your main site/product even while you are in bed fast asleep, already a little bird has told me over 1000 people are cueing to get a piece of the action, this ground breaking software for all webmasters will change lifes over night , Mark my words, ofcourse many will miss out and the cost is monthly at around $147 yes that means hes making well over $100k per month from now on, so just for that reason id be there to have a look sure it took him 1.5 years to build it and it cost him $125,000 to create it, but now the major work is done now, and because the product has unmatched benefits people with websites and products this helps them to be sure they make more money, so they don't mind paying at all its a win win for everyone

Are you a webmaster? If the answer is yes then im going to say their are some tools that make the difference there is a 7 day free trail and if you do nothing more than just watch the training videos you will learn so much. Follow the action at because in my many years online there has never been anything even close to seonukex. This is my best tip i can offer to people struggling online or thinking off starting a income stream online , now anyone can reach there traffic goals from the search engines or from there own popular web 2.0 sites like hub and wiki, and many many 100 more. take a look at SeonukeX because if you have a web-based business remember to get more traffic its basically just a matter of more content on as many sites out there in the web world web as you can, be sure you have the best tool always use tools that save you time and spend time hanging out at sites where people are all interested in web business like web business tube Seonukex Latest Reviews

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